Business people hate lawyers, and usually for good reason. Lawyers can get in the way, by raising too many “what ifs?” or they don’t provide enough protection, because they are afraid to say “no”.
A lawyer needs years of experience to learn how to listen to a business client. Sometimes, the “what ifs?” can prevent a business disaster years down the road. Other times, the lawyer needs to let legal concerns yield to the needs of the business, and find a different way to provide protection.
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This can’t happen if the client is shifted from senior partner to partner to associate during the course of negotiations. The client needs consistency in representation that is a small law office’s strength.
Services Include:
  • Negotiation and administration of contracts
  • Formation of limited liability companies and
  • Corporations real estate transactions
  • Mortgage financing and refinancing
The most important thing for which most individuals need a lawyer is to help plan their estates. Having a will is critical to insuring that the proper, trusted, person takes charge. More importantly, you must have a will to insure that your children are raised by someone who shares your values and can pass them along.
Though most of us don’t want to think about it, we need to plan for end of life decisions. Without a New York health care proxy, living will, and power of attorney, your loved ones will be focused on court proceedings, and not on their (and your) emotional well-being at a time of great pain. Advanced directives are crucial documents, and they need not be complicated or expensive.
Services Include:
  • Preparation of estate plans
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Health care proxies and living wills
  • Probate and estate administration