The Orange Avenue Associates development in Suffern, NY, took a major step forward. After months of discussions (and some setbacks), the Suffern Village Board approved both the new zoning district and a revised PILOT agreement for the project on May 18.

The new zoning district (Transit Development District, or TDD) is based on the project’s proximity to Suffern’s train station and downtown. It allows for 92 units of multi-family housing, but reduces the number of parking spaces from the usual two per unit to 1.5 per unit.

At the same meeting, the Village Board approved a revised PILOT agreement and Host Community Benefit Agreement (HCBA). The revision to the PILOT and the addition of the HCBA significantly increased expected revenues to the Village over the life of the agreements. These new agreements will work in conjunction with a previous PILOT agreement approved by the Town of Ramapo.