Village of Haverstraw, New York

30 West is a proposed new 100% affordable multifamily development. The site of the proposed Project is currently a municipal parking lot for community use, and the Village of Haverstraw has committed to enter into a 99-year ground lease with Westhab to facilitate the development. The Project will have a total of 79 units of affordable housing which will be priced at levels that are affordable to very low- and low-income tenants. It includes two levels of parking that will serve both building residents and the surrounding community.

The Project is being developed through a public-private partnership with the Village of Haverstraw to address the growing challenge of high housing cost in Haverstraw and throughout Rockland County.

30 West will be a 100% affordable housing development with a focus on serving the hardest to reach members of the community. 23 of the units will be reserved for households at or below 30% of Rockland County’s Area Median Income (AMI), and between 15 and 20 of the 30% AMI units will be reserved as supportive housing units to serve formerly homeless individuals and families, individuals with mental health, and/or individuals with substance use disorders, among others. Services for the supportive units will be provided by Westhab, Inc, and referrals will be provided by Rockland County Continuum of Care, through the Department of Social Services and local community organizations. The remaining units in the Project will be designated for tenants earning up to 60% AMI.

Residential amenities will include an on-site office for supportive services, a laundry room, a community room for tenant use, and an indoor/outdoor rooftop lounge overlooking the Hudson River and surrounding mountains. Through Westhab’s unique partnership with Cisco, the project will receive free hi-tech security and Wi-Fi equipment, lowering the cost of construction and providing free high-speed Wi-Fi to all residents.

At the time of application, the Village did not have zoning regulations that would support the project. Working with the Village, we helped to draft a new zoning district that can be used for 30 West and for other affordable housing projects in the Village.

Petition to create new “RIZ” zoning district

Adopted “RIZ” district regulations

Petition to apply “RIZ” zoning district to 30 West site

“RIZ” district local law – adopted January 2, 2024

“RIZ” district applied to 30 West site – April 1, 2024

Site plan approval granted – April 15, 2024


Image courtesy of Aufgang Architects