New City (Town of Clarkstown), New York

A 2,600sf addition to an existing private school to provide recreation space for participants in an Early Childhood Program. The additional, dedicated space will allow all participants to gather together, and will free up space for older students at the school. In addition, 17 new parking space are to be added for faculty and staff.

Issues raised during public hearings focused on traffic congestion, which neighbors attributed to the school’s operations. Although there are traffic issues in the area generally, we worked with the school to address these issues.

ASHAR Traffic Control Summary

ASHAR Supplemental Traffic Information

ZBA Narrative

Neg dec granted – January 20, 2021

Variances granted – June 7, 2021

Preliminary site plan approval granted – October 13, 2021

Final site plan approval granted – February 15, 2022

Image courtesy of Atzl, Nasher & Zigler, P.C.