Village of Spring Valley, New York

Redevelopment of a parcel adjacent to a large shopping center on N.Y.S. Route 59. The redevelopment parcel held a small, one-story office building and parking lot. The shopping center and the redevelopment parcel are in common ownership.

The owners propose a new, 75,000sf, five-story office building on the redevelopment parcel. To accomplish this, they are resubdividing the overall property. The two parcels will still be linked so that parking can be shared between the two uses, although the amount of parking will be less than that required by the Zoning Code.

Planning Board Narrative Summary

Update to Planning Board Narrative


Negative declaration granted Feb. 23, 2022

Referral to Village Board and ZBA granted Feb. 23, 2022


Image courtesy of Sparaco & Youngblood, PLLC