Haverstraw, NY

A multi-year, multi-phased project to convert the former Platzl Brauhaus recreation and catering facility to a day camp. Day camps do not have specific zoning regulations in the Town of Haverstraw (despite the fact that a number of day camps operate in the Town). Therefore, almost every new feature requires amended site plan approval and bulk variances. To facilitate the land use approval processes, we developed a baseline site plan consisting of existing facilities from Platzl Brauhaus, and agreed to phase-by-phase reviews.

The 2018 phase included facilities and equipment upgrades. However, it also included the replacement of underground pipes that carry the Mahwah River beneath the entire length of the camp. The needed permits from NYSDEC, USACOE, and the Rockland County Drainage Agency took eleven months to obtain.

2018 Narrative Summary

Negative declaration granted November 14, 2018

Variances granted January 9, 2019

Final Site Plan approval granted December 11, 2019

Image courtesy of Milone and MacBroom