Pomona (Unincorporated Town of Ramapo), New York

Route 202 Business Park was originally proposed as a new campus to service both office and light industrial users. The subject property is a 13-acre parcel located at 103 Ladentown Road and 110 Camp Hill Road. The property formerly served as the Country Lee Horse Farm but is currently vacant. The site was originally zoned PI (Planned Industry).

After the project received needed variances, the Town of Ramapo amended its zoning code. The new CC (Commercial Corridor) zoning did not allow the proposed light industrial space. The applicant redesigned the building to accommodate small retail showrooms with larger warehouse and inventory space. This type of space would be used by plumbing and electrical suppliers, home health appliances and furniture (e.g. walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds) and others. These businesses also require loading docks because their goods cannot be delivered by UPS-style box trucks.

ZBA Narrative for initial submission

Response to ZBA GML review for initial submission

ZBA Narrative for revised submission

Response to ZBA GML review for revised submission

Negative declaration granted – November 16, 2021

Initial variances granted – March 24, 2022

Negative declaration reaffirmed after zone change  – January 23, 2024

New variances granted after zone change – May 16, 2024


Drawing courtesy of Brooker Engineering