Monsey, Unincorporated Town of Ramapo, NY

Shoppers Haven is an existing shopping center in the heart of the Monsey shopping district. It has been the subject of a number of expansion proposals, one of which proposed the first hotel in the Monsey area.

More recently, the owners sought to expand the existing shopping center with a new 83,345sf addition, and to add a 30,000sf mixed-use (retail/office) building along its Route 306 (Main Street) frontage. In connection with this expansion, the owners proposed a three-level parking structure. The parcel was to be subdivided into three lots for financing purposes. A reciprocal easement agreement (REA) will insure that the entire parcel function as an integrated campus. The project was approved by the Ramapo Planning Board in December 2020.

Subsequently, architectural changes required the removal of the lot line between the existing shopping center building and the new addition. This required amended subdivision and site plan approvals.

Narrative Summary (3-lot proposal)

Response to GML review (3-lot proposal)

Narrative Summary (2-lot revision)

Response to GML review (2-lot revision)

Negative Declaration Granted Oct. 29, 2019

Variances Granted Sep. 17, 2020

Site Plan and Subdivision (3-lot) – Final Approval Granted Dec. 12, 2020

Site Plan and Subdivision (2-lot) – Negative Declaration Affirmed, Final Approval Granted Mar. 8, 2022