Monroe (Village), NY

Spring Hill Apartments is intended to revitalize a derelict site, just outside the Village of Monroe’s central business district. The 2.6 acre site is underdeveloped, with an abandoned warehouse building. Although the site abuts a Village park, it is also opposite a fuel oil depot and storage tank.

The site consists of two tax lots. Monroe’s Subdivision Regulations prohibit the merger of residential lots, so the two lots must be developed individually, although cross-easements are permitted for parking and access.

The proposal calls for 34 three-bedroom units in two buildings (one on each of the two lots). A small family cemetery is on the site, and it is being preserved. No variances are needed for this project.

Narrative Summary

Neg dec approved March 23, 2021

Final site plan approved March 23, 2021

Image courtesy of Brooker Engineering, PLLP