Monsey (Unincoporated Town of Ramapo), New York

Initially, a shopping center redevelopment to add an 11,000 sq. ft. catering hall with 100 room hotel and three story, 410 space, parking garage adjacent to existing stores. The ZBA unilaterally imposed conditions to which the client objected. We brought a successful court challenge to overturn the conditions. The client then changed the project to eliminate the catering facility and reconfigure the hotel. Working with the Town of Ramapo, we re-drafted an outdated Zoning Code provision for hotels throughout the town, creating different requirements for downtown and highway hotels. Approvals include a zone change for the parcel, revision of the Zoning Code requirements for hotels, site plan.

Petition for new hotel use and bulk requirements

Zone Change From NS To CS Granted February 2011
ZBA-Imposed Conditions Overturned By Our Court Challenge
Zoning Amendment For Hotel Use And Bulk Requirements Granted  Sept 8, 2014

Final Site Plan, Subdivision and Special Permit Granted February 7, 2017


Image courtesy of Brooker Engineering