Nyack, NY

In conjunction with the future development of a brownfields cleanup site along the Hudson River, text amendments to the existing Nyack Zoning Code’s Waterfront (WF) district have been proposed. The Code already provided density bonus incentives and other incentives in exchange for community benefits. The proposed amendments would allow increased floor area ratio (FAR) in return for increased public access, public art or monetary contributions to waterfront improvements; and increased height in return for underground structured parking. In addition, the amendment addresses situations where more than one view corridor exists on a site.

The Village Board decided that it would not consider the applicant’s petition for a text amendment, but recognized that the petition raised important issues and identified defects in the existing code. Therefore, the Village initiated its own process to amend the WF district provisions.


Petition for text amendment
Full Environmental Assessment Form, Part I
Coastal Assessment Form with addendum
Comprehensive Plan compliance review
TZ Vista preliminary design presentation (courtesy of DCAK-MSA Architecture and Engineering)