Village of Spring Valley and Town of Clarkstown, New York

Valley Heights Apartments, at 12 Bethune Boulevard in the Village of Spring Valley, is an existing multi-family building. The owner wishes to enlarge the existing building onto property at 6 Bethune Boulevard and 11 White Street, Spring Valley, and wishes to provide additional off-street parking. An affiliated company owns the land at 41 Second Street, Nanuet, in the Town of Clarkstown. 41 Second Street is situated such that it can provide the desired off-street parking, and can also provide appropriate ingress and egress for parking on the adjacent lot.

The addition to the existing building and approximately one-half of the new parking is in the Village of Spring Valley. The remainder of the new parking and a new playground are in the neighboring Town of Clarkstown. Approvals are needed from the land use boards of both municipalities. Since the bulk of the project is in Spring Valley, we opted to seek full approvals there before moving to Clarkstown.

Narrative Summary to Clarkstown Planning Board

Neg dec granted (Spring Valley Planning Board) – September 1, 2023

Special permit granted (Spring Valley Board of Trustees) – October 15, 2023

Variances granted (Spring Valley ZBA) – November 8, 2023

Additional variance granted (Spring Valley ZBA) – December 27, 2023

Final site plan approval granted (Spring Valley Planning Board) – April 4, 2023


Image courtesy of Stonefield Engineering and Design