Town of Ramapo, New York

A facility for the creation and production of audio and video/film recordings in an integrated working, living, and worship facility for members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religious and assisting religious volunteers. A new mixed-use MU-3 Zoning District is proposed to facilitate the development of this integrated facility.

The 249-acre site will host audio and video production studios and facilities to support operations of the nearby world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses. On-site facilities include offices, maintenance and set production workshops, and a central energy plant. Accommodations for the resident staff include 645 residential units, dining/assembly spaces, recreation/wellness/fitness facilities, and a clinic.

The proposed facility will include state-of-the-art environmental and sustainability elements, including geothermal heating and cooling, green roofs, and mass timber construction. The sponsor has committed to seek at least a LEED-Silver campus rating.

The size of the project dictates that it is a Type I action under SEQRA. An environmental impact statement was prepared.


Scoping Outline adopted – December 9, 2020

DEIS accepted for public comment – April 28, 2021

DEIS public comment period ended – July 7, 2021

FEIS accepted – March 23, 2022

FEIS filed – September 16, 2022

Findings Statement adopted – November 9, 2022

Comprehensive Plan Amendment adopted – November 9, 2022

Zoning Code Amendment adopted – November 9, 2022

Conceptual Development Special Permit adopted – December 28, 2022

Additional Height Plan adopted – December 28, 2022

Pre-site plan Tree Clearing approved – December 28, 2022

Final Site Plan Approval – Tuxedo Planning Board – April 4, 2023

Final Site Plan and Subdivision Approval – Ramapo Planning Board – June 28, 2023


Image courtesy of AKRF and Watchtower