Village of Chestnut Ridge

Wellington Educational Initiative (WEI) is a proposed campus on a 23.8 acre site for two private, religious schools. One is an elementary school for 1,000 girls. The other is a residential secondary/post-secondary school for 328 boys and young men. Two dormitory buildings will serve the secondary/post-secondary school.

The school and dormitory uses are allowed by special permit of the Village Board.

The Planning Board raised special concerns about traffic impacts. Red Schoolhouse Road, on which the site fronts, is heavily trafficked. An exit from the Garden State Parkway connector to the New York State Thruway is directly opposite the site. WEI participated with other nearby developers to fund a traffic study of the overall corridor, and agreed to implement mitigation measures identified by the study.

Planning Board Narrative Summary

ZBA Narrative Summary

Special Permit Narrative Summary

Neg Dec granted August 5, 2021

Variances granted October 18, 2021

Special Permit granted October 21, 2021

Final Site Plan and Subdivision Approval granted March 3, 2022



Image courtesy of PS&S