After four years of work, including a text amendment to the Zoning Code to create new development incentives, and furious opposition from a handful of nearby property owners, the Nyack Planning Board granted final approval to the TZ Vista project on October 2.

When completed, this multi-family development will provide the first access to the Hudson River in this location in over 100 years. A 30 foot wide esplanade along the river will allow the public to walk along the riverfront and launch kayaks into the Hudson. The development incentives created the financial feasibility needed for the esplanade, along with underground parking and enhanced river views.

The Nyack Village Board and Planning Board stood up to the self-interest of an adjoining owner who did not want his river view blocked. Instead, they looked out for the greater good by enabling the creation of a new waterfront amenity. In addition, the new development will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of future tax revenue for the Village, the school district, and the town.